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Faculty Portal Screenshot Today's faculty must be agile, adaptable and, yes, portable, often working from a variety of computers and locations. With this in mind, we have created a faculty portal for you — one that is truly cross-platform and eliminates accessibility problems. With our CAMS® Enterprise Faculty Portal, you can manage all your activities from the classroom, the faculty lounge, home or your favorite Starbucks.

Here are a just a few features you can expect from the CAMS Enterprise Faculty Portal:

checkmark   Campus News - View scrolling news specific to your institution. You can have direct connection to commonly accessed sites without leaving the faculty portal.

checkmark   Instructional - Built-in course management that is fully integrated with student registration information. You can distribute course documents, link to external resources, communicate with students, track attendance, conduct tests, record and submit grades.

checkmark   Information Update - You can enter basic demographic information such as address, phone number, activities and education.

checkmark   Faculty Directory - Generate a faculty directory easily, and e-mail other faculty members on the fly.

checkmark   Student Directory - View student directory online with e-mail link readily available. (Only those students who have provided the appropriate release information will appear in the directory.)

checkmark   Advisee Lists - You can print a directory of your own advisees.

checkmark   Maintain Office Hours - Enter and modify office hours and post them on the student portal.

checkmark   Class Rosters - Print your own up-to-date class rosters, complete with student photographs.

checkmark   Calendaring - Access the calendar to view events, registration dates and deadlines, institution activities and more.

checkmark   Important Links - Provide unlimited links to sites valuable to your students.

checkmark   Registration - Help your advisees through the registration process. Register students with automatic checks for time conflicts, repeats, pre-requisites and co-requisites, class capacity (with ability to add to a waitlist). Students with a predetermined degree audit can be limited to courses that should be taken based on the degree requirements.

checkmark   Scheduling and Calendaring - Push key dates out to your students. Display open registration, student or advisors, dates specific for senior, junior, sophomore and freshman registrations, last day for drop and more.

checkmark   Course Offering - View any term's course offering or use the course master to view the entire course catalog including description, prerequisites and co-requisites.

checkmark   Degree Audit - Print degree audits, displaying the status of all courses and appropriate GPA. Generate new audits to see how students match up to other degree and program requirements. View in summary or detail the number of completed and remaining credits and courses required to earn a particular degree. Print audits one at a time or for all your advisees.

checkmark   Mass Print Degree Audit - You can print a degree audit report for all of your advisees.

checkmark    Student Schedule - Access and print student schedules.

checkmark    Transcript - View unofficial advisors transcript.

checkmark    Grades - View student grades.

checkmark    Unlimited Customization - Because Three Rivers Systems provides the portal code, you have full ability to make changes to the appearance of the portal, including colors, arrangement of page items, as well as the inclusion or exclusion of specific functions.

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