Academic ERP Financial Aid

Navigating the complex waters of financial aid has never been easier than with CAMS® Enterprise Financial Aid. Its flexibility and automation makes financial-aid processing quick and efficient.

CAMS provides complete financial-aid management, academic progress tracking, automated rule-based packaging as well as importing and reporting capabilities. CAMS processes financial aid from the recruiting stages to enrollment. It monitors academic progress and handles disbursements and refunds efficiently.

This easy-to-use module allows a college or university to download students' Institutional Student Information Report — ISIRs — automatically, apply document tracking items to the student record, apply multiple cost-of-attendance budgets to all students as appropriate, auto-package student awards, handle direct loan processing with direct loans and grants, automatically or manually make adjustments based on data conditions and transfer monies to billing.

CAMS institutions monitor and report on their financial-aid operations with built-in reporting as well as ad hoc reports, and conform to federal requirements with ease using a host of pre-defined reports like FISAP. CAMS Enterprise Financial Aid keeps you ahead of the curve in student lending practices by simplifying the processing of direct loans and federal grants through COD integration tools.

With CAMS Enterprise Financial Aid you can:

  • Easily import student ISIR records, and during this process you may also:
  • Automatically load document tracking items associated with specific ISIR values.
  • Add any student exceptions (no matching SSN) to a Prospect import batch for earlier recruitment.
  • Compare subsequent ISIR transactions to easily see updated fields and determine which record is most beneficial.
  • Automatically assign cost of attendance budgets.
  • Review student needs- analysis prepared by CAMS immediately upon budget assignment.
  • Mass auto-package student awards in priority order based on federal as well as unique institutional rules.
  • Automatically generate personalized award letters upon packaging. Have students view and accept financial aid in real-time through the integrated portals for a more-convenient experience.
  • Process direct loan and federal grants through COD with easy-to-use integration tools.
  • Easily import and Master Promissory Note, or MPN, Entrance Counseling and previous loan information from National Student Loan Data System — NSLDS.
  • Produce financial-aid transcripts, FISAP reports, NLDS data and academic progress reports.
  • Track required financial-aid documents and report on missing documents.
  • Use the powerful BYOR — Build Your Own Report — feature and select from multiple formats.
  • Easily manage work-study programs.
  • Offer the convenience of Electronic Fund Transfer — EFT — to financial-aid recipients.
  • Process check receipts.
  • Record loan- log information and conduct exit interviews.

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