Academic ERP Forum Portal

Whether it is particle physics, political science or Picasso, discussion, debate and discourse are fundamental to engaged learning and positive student outcomes.

Yet it wasn’t so long ago that forums like these could happen only in a classroom, on the quad or in a coffee shop.

Today, however, thanks to advanced technology like the CAMS® Enterprise  Forum Portal, many of these activities take place on desktops, electronic tablets or other mobile devices.

But all forum portals are not equal. Like the entire CAMS Enterprise solution, our Forum Portals are built on shared data and objects.

Why is this important? Because while other providers promise this kind of architecture, many actually deliver scheduled, batch-processed integration, not true real-time integration. Three Rivers Systems clients benefit from the way CAMS Enterprise automates the administration of online classes via a truly integrated academic ERP.

This means students are able to move from online registration straight into their online classes with no syncing, no manual intervention, no overnight processing and no delays. This deep-level integration makes data available system-wide and enables numerous productivity enhancing features that streamline campus operations and save precious resources.

The Forum Portal enhances communication-and-collaboration functions in CAMS Enterprise. Users throughout the institution are able to employ these tools with any group of people on or off-campus — prospective students, staff members, guests, faculty, administrators, students, alumni and more.

The Forum Portal supports discussion in any language, which is exceptionally useful as campuses become increasingly global and students can be anywhere in the world. Students and faculty can switch between various languages and character sets as needed to communicate complex ideas, even within the same message.

Additionally, the Forum Portal provides support for symbols widely used in scientific and mathematical expressions, as well as non-English characters used in language-intensive studies.

The Forum Portal also includes enhanced support for surveys and polls, enabling faculty to make use of Classroom Assessment Techniques, or CATS, in their courses to enhance learning and provide students with instant feedback. Faculty can also use the live chat and private messaging tools to enjoy immediate increased productivity and communication in their distance or blended-learning environments.

Forum/Chat Portal

Managing forums and chat ports has never been easier. With CAMS you get:

Unlimited discussion forumsUnlimited survey polls
Automatic course-management forums Emoticons and avatars
Support for public forumsAttachments to postings
Support for guests to view and postE mail from within the forum portal
Unicode characters for multiple languagesE-mail notifications for new postings
Rich-formatting capabilitiesAutomatic word censoring capability
Built-in private messagingClient customizable help topics
Integrated chat functionalityComplete administrative control of features
Ability to assign moderators

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