Three Rivers Systems, Inc. - A Brief History

Amir Tajkarimi saw an opportunity in 1985. Working as an information technology consultant for colleges and universities, he saw that conventional computer technology for managing student, faculty and constituent information was failing … and badly.

First, they were designed for computer experts, not users. They worked only in silos and were difficult or impossible to integrate. So student information from admissions, for example, couldn’t be shared with financial aid.

Even more troubling, campus IT departments were at the mercy of vendors that often charged exorbitant fees to keep their overly complicated patchwork, inefficient and expensive systems up and running.

Tajkarimi took a radically different approach by creating an enterprise resource planning system built around a secure, single shared database. It was an easy-to-use, self-learning system that became the flagship product of his newly formed company, Three Rivers Systems, Inc. By listening to clients and building products from the ground up tailored to customer needs, the company has flourished for 25 years.

Today, other ERP vendors still start by tackling one information problem at a time. As each is identified, a separate technology solution is implemented.

As issues mount up, more solutions are added each year, shackling colleges and universities to multiple, dissimilar systems with redundancies, maintenance issues, inefficiencies, higher costs and unmet expectations.

They add registration, admissions, course management, financial aid and other modules and portals to their existing systems to meet market demands and give the impression their products are integrated.

They’re not. Modules and portals written in different technologies at different times create an unintegrated and inefficient environment.

Tajkarimi knew there was a better way when he founded Three Rivers Systems, Inc. and he continues to be the driving force behind the company today keeping it decades ahead of the competition.

His original business model was straightforward then and is no different today. It's a simple model, really: Be a trustworthy academic ERP partner, not a vendor. And, be a partner who delivers all-encompassing, scalable and penalty-free solutions and services to higher education.

"I didn't want to penalize our customers for being different, or for having ambitions to grow. The best way I knew how to do that was to develop a business model that gave back and solutions and services that streamlined one’s entire campus, no matter their size or predicted growth. A good example of not wanting to penalize our customers would be our annual maintenance fees. I wanted to create a predictable cost of ownership. It made sense, so I did just that. Another example would be added functionality. When new functionality is requested by one of our clients, we make it happen and then share that functionality with all of our customers at no cost. The end result is a system created out of collaboration – a solution for higher education by higher education."

— Amir Tajkarimi, President and Founder, Three Rivers Systems, Inc.

His business model also focuses on eliminating boundaries to institutions so they can focus their energies on learning and the common good in partnership with their communities.

To accomplish this, the Comprehensive Academic Management System or CAMS®, is built from the ground up as a single, seamless academic ERP solution

Today Three Rivers Systems, Inc. offers CAMS® Enterprise , its third version of the product. It is an all Web-based, integrated and feature rich academic ERP high in functionality, built with 100 percent Microsoft technologies.

As with all Web-based, server-centric solutions, client maintenance is unnecessary and the system can be infinitely deployed without any extra hardware, software, head-scratching or endless planning sessions. Simply stated, CAMS Enterprise, is designed for growth.

It is easy to manage and use and addresses the needs of staff, faculty, students, executives, constituents and the public, by streamlining daily activities, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Three Rivers Systems' technologies do this by automating the entire campus, delivering self-service portals to students, faculty and administrators with integrated course management, and supporting fiscal operations, all through a single system.

Additionally, CAMS Enterprise provides:

  • Admissions/Recruiting/CRM capablities.
  • A complete student information system to handle traditional and non-traditional students.
  • Fiscal and operations management for HR/payroll and all facilities.
  • Document management for paperless operation.
  • Financial aid.
  • A suite of self-service portals for admissions, students, faculty, alumni and friend.
  • Fully integrated course management.
  • Full-featured development and alumni relations.
  • Easy to use point-and-click reporting.

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Three Rivers Systems proudly serves colleges and universities around the globe in all major Carnegie Foundation classifications: Associate’s Colleges; Doctorate-granting Universities; Master’s Colleges and Universities; Baccalaureate Colleges; Special Focus Institutions like law, medical and business schools as well as faith-based institutions and theological seminaries; and Tribal Colleges. From premier institutions like Baylor College of Medicine and Andover Newton Theological School, the nation’s first graduate university, to the prestigious American University of Paris and Sotheby’s Institute of Art, we help our clients manage the entire student lifecycle effectively and efficiently. A full-service provider, we develop and deliver software and all implementation, training, project management and support services.

About Three Rivers Systems, Inc.

Three Rivers Systems Inc. is a privately owned company creating and delivering high-quality ERP solutions exclusively for higher education since 1985. Our Comprehensive Academic Management System, called CAMS®, consistently improves operational efficiencies while saving our clients as much as 75 percent a year in IT expenditures. From our headquarters in St. Louis, our business model is structured to work in tandem with your higher education institution, supporting your efforts to ensure student success and satisfaction; to increase enrollment; to boost revenues; to be more efficient and to manage the entire student lifecycle more effectively.