CAMS Enterprise Mobility

The CAMS Enterprise Mobile Student Portal lets students interact with your institution 24/7, accessing key services and information... all on the go, anytime, and anywhere!


Mobile access to institutional resources is essential for today’s students who expect to get information and services from anywhere on a wide variety of mobile devices. With the CAMS Mobile Student Portal students get all this and much more.

Students can:
  • See their complete course schedules.
  • View campus and classroom announcements.
  • Check their grades.
  • Access the student directory.
  • View and edit their calendars.
  • View and accept their financial aid.
  • See housing information.
  • Check bills.
  • Search for jobs.
  • Access the CAMS Learning Management System.
  • Review required textbooks.
  • Check attendance.
  • View transcripts.
  • Email instructors.
  • Perform a degree audit.
  • And much more.

Technical Specifications

The CAMS Mobile Student Portal brings the equivalent of the desktop portal experience to a student’s mobile device. Designed to be accessible from a variety of platforms and form factors, the portal utilizes HTML 5 and CSS 3 to provide native app type functionality without the restrictions of any particular platform or application ecosystem.

Setup and Use

Designed to install and function like the existing CAMS Enterprise portals, the CAMS Mobile Student Portal fits in seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. Deployed as a new portal running alongside your existing portals, the student mobility portal can be up and running quickly and providing access to your CAMS data immediately. For a custom experience, access the code for the portal pages to modify the look-and-feel, and take full control over the functionality you offer.

Key Benefits:

  • HTML5 and CSS3 give you control over the look-and-feel, and functionality of the portal.
  • Accessible styling rules make changing colors, fonts, sizes and other aesthetic elements as simple as changing a few lines in a separate style sheet.
  • Easily extensible home screen tabs provide scaffolding on which individual institutions can create a home-screen experience that best suits their students.
  • Device detection allows distinct styles for different devices through media queries. For example, set font-sizes for different devices and the CAMS Mobile Student Portal will automatically detect the device and serve the appropriate style.
  • Robust security using the solid foundation of the existing CAMS portal code, so all the same security features are inherently in place in the Mobile Student Portal.
  • Rapid deployment using the same infrastructure as your existing CAMS portals.
  • Fully integrated with your CAMS system so your data and processes flow smoothly through your new Mobile Student Portal without complex and time-consuming setup.
  • Intuitive and clean interface, featuring full-touch capabilities and modern, intuitive controls that give easy access to a wide variety of information and services.

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