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With most academic ERPs, what you see at contract time is not necessarily what you get at implementation and beyond. If you factor in the cost of specialized consultants, frequent software upgrades, data conversions, server-farm maintenance and other hidden costs, you can actually pay two-to-three times more than the bottom line on your contact.

We don't think it should be this way. At Three Rivers Systems, we know buying an academic ERP is one of the biggest decisions your institution will ever make. That's why we put all our fees upfront so you know exactly what your total cost of ownership is when you make your purchase — and with no surprises later.

This is yet another reason why we're different. Our truly integrated, all Web-based system allows Three Rivers Systems to ensure a predictable, total cost of ownership based on your specific needs. We tailor our solution to your institution and then tell you upfront what it costs based on the options you require. We provide quick, accurate information whether you need it for budgetary reasons or you are ready to acquire a system.

Unlike our competitors, we know and include the cost of things like implementation, data migration and annual maintenance. Additionally, working with Three Rivers Systems is an investment in your future because we apply the license fees you pay for CAMS® Enterprise toward the purchase of future generations of our products. Should you decide to upgrade, you pay only the difference between the two products. All this means you can rest assured your investment is protected and you are working with a trusted, experienced partner.

Please contact our global sales team for a detailed analysis and pricing you can count on and plan with. Our highly trained and responsive staff is available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT, Monday through Friday to answer any questions you may have.

Phone: 636-386-8616

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Three Rivers Systems proudly serves colleges and universities around the globe in all major Carnegie Foundation classifications: Associate’s Colleges; Doctorate-granting Universities; Master’s Colleges and Universities; Baccalaureate Colleges; Special Focus Institutions like law, medical and business schools as well as faith-based institutions and theological seminaries; and Tribal Colleges. From premier institutions like Baylor College of Medicine and Andover Newton Theological School, the nation’s first graduate university, to the prestigious American University of Paris and Sotheby’s Institute of Art, we help our clients manage the entire student lifecycle effectively and efficiently. A full-service provider, we develop and deliver software and all implementation, training, project management and support services.

About Three Rivers Systems, Inc.

Three Rivers Systems Inc. is a privately owned company creating and delivering high-quality ERP solutions exclusively for higher education since 1985. Our Comprehensive Academic Management System, called CAMS®, consistently improves operational efficiencies while saving our clients as much as 75 percent a year in IT expenditures. From our headquarters in St. Louis, our business model is structured to work in tandem with your higher education institution, supporting your efforts to ensure student success and satisfaction; to increase enrollment; to boost revenues; to be more efficient and to manage the entire student lifecycle more effectively.